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Regardless of the stage of development, it’s always extremely important to playtest your games.

The insights and information you obtain through this process are invaluable tools that help you to understand and measure player engagement and interest in your projects, while also discovering if the mechanics implemented are working as intended or if some details need to be modified or removed.

However, some details of the process can be a bit too complicated to organize on your own, not to mention the time they consume, time that could indubitably be utilized on some other facet of your game.

We are well aware of this, and that is one of the most convenient options we offer is the use of Antidote as a Service.

What this means is that instead of handling all the aforementioned details, you allow us to take care of everything in your stead, liberating you from the entire organization and coordination procedures.

This couldn’t be easier to set up: simply tell us what you’re looking for in terms of playtesting conditions and required players, and we handle all the ensuing tasks, from recruitment, organization, preparation and timing of the sessions.

The vast majority of playtests that take place in Antidote utilize this system; due to this, we have thousands of hours of experience with this sort of requests and are more than comfortable with the entirety of the process, being able to obtain and deliver great results in a consistent time window.

RollDBox working with Antidote
bryter working with Antidote
Lince Works working with Antidote
Yager working with Antidote
Funplus Game working with Antidote

Whether you need Multiplayer Testing (like Roll D Box, GungHo or Lince Works), Stress Testing (like Dacs Labs or Bryter), Interviews (like FunPlus or Yager) or even Longitudinal Studies (such as the case of a recent playtest we did of a Real Madrid> based football game), the use of Assisted Playtesting can adapt to any and all situations you might think of or require.

A world of endless possibilities is on the tip of your fingers with Antidote, so jump right in and join us on this incredible journey to bring your game to the next level!

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