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Way Too Hard Or Way Too Easy? The balance between anxiety and boredom in video games

Are you able to remember the last time you quit playing a game when you got stuck in one of its levels because you got too frustrated? Or on the other hand, do you remember a game that was so simple you eventually got bored and stopped playing it? Kind of disappointing, isn’t it? This type of situations have kept game developers doing their homework in terms of research, so it is not a surprise to find several studies that

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10 games turning 20 in 2018!

Do you feel like video games have been part of our culture since recent times? Indeed, it is the case. Still, despite being a rather

Top 5 games to watch at Gamelab Barcelona

The Gamelab conference gathers each year important actors of the videogame industry, from innovative game developers to game specialists. And this year will be the

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