Playtesting Solution for your Studio. Invite worldwide players to playtest.

Choose the right playtesting solution

Who will be your audience?

Antidote Players

Invite Antidote Players that match your target.

My Players

Invite Betatesters from your existing communities.

Antidote players

Antidote lets you target players on demand. Users come from all over the world, have different demographics and player profiles. Describe the requirements of your targeted players and Antidote will invite them to playtest your game, record their experience and provide you feedback.

Check these sample playtest configurations:


$ 17
Per Player
  • 20 Minutes
  • Survey


$ 49
Per Player
  • 45 minutes
  • Survey
  • Gameplay


$ 94
Per Player
  • 1 hour
  • Survey
  • Gameplay
  • Eyetracking
  • Biometrics
  • Live Call

Configure your playtests to match the requirements of your studio.

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Who is using Antidote?

Companies are improving their PC and Mobile games optimizing their playtests.

Who is using Antidote?

Companies are improving their PC and Mobile games optimizing their playtests.

Don't have a community yet?

Lot of players are looking for new games like yours, we will invite them to join your community of players.

My players

Engage your community of gamers inviting them to be a crucial part of the development of your game.
Choose which players will participate on each playtest based on their Player Profile and Demographics.

All services
in one place

For your studio

Manage your community

Have access to the player profile of your community and decide who to invite to each project and keep in touch with all them.

Gather feedback

Get structured feedback from your community of players, in one place and any time, don't wait to show your game on events. Antidote is your right playtesting solution.

Soft launches

Launch your game to worldwide players and analyse the performance of the game, the reception and the player's experience .

An exclusive community

for your players

Early access

Players have very early access to new games being really engaged to the development of the game

Rewarded platform

The gamification and reputation system on the platform give players eXperience Points and Coins to be exchanged for game related gifts.

Exclusive content

Being part of the community of a company players can have access to exclusive content of the game.

Invite your community

Invite them all just sharing a link to become part of your betatesters

Grow your community and invite them to playtest every aspect of you game to make the best version of it!


For selected Indie Studios

$ 99


For Studios requiring
basic playtesting features
$ 495


For Studios with large communities and hardcore UX researchers
$ 1950

A limited free account is available. Try Antidote and upgrade anytime.

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Contact us and let's explore the best way to optimize your processes and your game