Simultaneous and Multiplayer Testing in Game User Research

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Why should you go for Simultaneous or Multiplayer Testing?


As the paradigm of games evolves, more and more developers show interest in including multiplayer elements in their game. Or they even create a core gameplay loop that entirely revolves around playing with people from all around the globe.

Because of this, multiplayer testing and simultaneous sessions are becoming increasingly relevant for companies.

These tests help developers verify how well a game runs in a real-world environment. And they show how players approach the different elements implemented.

They can also verify first-hand how the players interact with one another and the strategies and possibilities they can come up with to achieve the game’s objectives.

Additionally, by testing large multiplayer sessions, it is also possible to verify how well the servers are able to run when faced with a high number of players.

While not achieving results as in-depth as a Stress Test would, this is still a great way to analyze the stability of the entire game on a smaller scale.

Advantages of Multiplayer and Simultaneous Testing

  • Verify how well a video game runs on a real world environment.
  • See how players understand and the react to the game environment.
  • Observe the strategies plates come up with to achieve victory.
  • Analyze server stability on a smaller scale.
  • Better identify target audiences.
Players game testing with Antidote

How does Anitdote help you with it?


At Antidote, we have done a large amount of these tests. And our experience with them is second to none. One of the many companies we had the pleasure of working with organized several different multiplayer playtests over time.

And each of them was with an increasing number of players.

This allowed them to understand how adding more people affected the user’s experience with the game. Not only that, they also defined that there shouldn’t be a minimum time limit to play.

Instead, they should have focused on how much the players wanted to keep playing. That allowed them to measure a small sample of interest over time and their retention rate.

Other video game studios like LinceWorks, Fundamentally Games, Flatfish Games, and Roll D Box Games also performed multiplayer tests with us over the past few months. With them, we coordinated simultaneous groups from different locations, age groups, gaming profiles and preferred genres.

This helped the studios better identify which kind of players and audiences should be their main target. It allowed them to focus their efforts into creating an even better final product.

The future of the video game industry is deeply intertwined with online experiences where people help each other out or fight to achieve their goals.

Don’t miss out on this and schedule your multiplayer simultaneous playtesting today!

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