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Trusted by top studios and publishers worldwide, Antidote has been delivering comprehensive playtesting services for PC and mobile games since 2017.

Our continuous innovation and expertise in Game User Research (GUR) have contributed to the success of many renowned titles, providing actionable insights to enhance player experiences.

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But why do so many game studios choose to work with us?

This article showcases how Antidote is the leading playtesting solution for PC games, highlighting our platform features and capabilities.

Security & Confidentiality for PC Playtesting

With Antidote, you can rely on our dedication to maintaining the security and confidentiality of your playtests.

Our team has developed tools to safeguard your game and prevent unauthorized access before the official release.


A table showing different security levels that Antidote offers


Here are some of our security measures for PC-based playtests:


NDAs and Identity Checks


To ensure the confidentiality of your game during playtesting, Antidote employs strict NDAs and an ID verification process.

Based on your project requirements, you can select one of the following:

  • Standard NDAs: Created by Antidote’s team.
  • Customized NDAs: Provided by you to meet specific requirements.
  • ID Verification: For small groups, requiring participants to verify their identity with a photo ID and liveness test.


These measures ensure that all participants are verified and legally bound to maintain the confidentiality of your game’s details.

An image showing Dot handing out docs to the players

Antidote’s SDK with Auto-Inject Feature


Antidote offers a specialized SDK for PC and mobile platforms, natively compatible with Unity, Unreal and other popular PC game engines. 

Our SDK provides:

  • Controlled Game Launch: Prevents unauthorized access by remotely controlling when players can launch your game, automatically shutting down if unauthorized attempts are detected.
  • Watermarking: Assigns specific IDs and timestamps to each player, displayed live on-screen during the playtest, linking recorded gameplay sessions to the corresponding playtester.

To streamline the integration process, our Auto-Inject feature automatically integrates the SDK into your build via the Antidote platform.

Why is it important? 

It eliminates the need for any involvement from your dev team, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks. Maximum security. Zero Effort.

Secure Game Distribution


We offer multiple secure methods for distributing your PC-based game:

  • Antidote Platform: our platform handles the download and file installation on player devices
  • Antidote Cloud Streaming: players can test the game via the cloud server without installing it on their local devices
  • Beta Stores (Apple Testflight, Google Play Beta and others)
  • Game Launchers (Steam, Epic and others) via Antidote key distribution.

Cloud Streaming Feature: Player view while remotely accessing a game to playtest.

To learn more about Antidote’s distribution methods and security measures, read our in-depth article on how we keep your game safe during the playtesting sessions. 

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Antidote Platform Features


At Antidote, our mission is to simplify your development process and empower you with tools that help you with uncovering player-driven feedback and analyzing the findings.

To achieve that, our GUR-specialized platform comes equipped with multiple features that allow game studios to streamline their data collection process. 


Gameplay, Face and Screen Recording

An image showing Antidote's screen recording feature for PC playtesting


With Antidote, studios can capture high-quality video recordings of gameplay and player reactions.

This feature allows for in-depth analysis and observation, enabling you to see exactly how players interact with your game. 

By recording gameplay elements and players’ facial expressions, Antidote helps you uncover critical insights into player engagement, emotional responses and potential pain points.


Think Aloud Comments & Transcripts

An image showing Antidote's transcript feature


This feature allows you to hear authentic, real-time player reactions during gameplay.

By capturing players’ verbal feedback as they play, you gain valuable insights into their thought processes and immediate reactions. 

Additionally, you receive detailed transcripts of these comments, enabling you to analyze and reference players’ feedback for future improvements and a deeper understanding of their experiences.


Built-In Surveys

An image showing Antidote's in-built survey feature


With Antidote’s built-in surveys, you can easily gather valuable feedback from your players.

Our integrated surveying system allows you to ask players as many questions as you wish, using both custom queries and our default templates. 

This flexibility ensures you get the precise insights you need to improve your game.

Before any playtest participation, NDAs will be distributed to players, ensuring that all feedback and data remain confidential and secure. This process ensures that your game’s sensitive information is protected throughout the playtesting phase.


Sentiment Analysis & Word Clouds


Our Sentiment Analysis provides an instant overview of how positive or negative player feedback is, giving you a quick gauge of overall player sentiment.

This helps you swiftly identify areas that may need attention and fine-tuning. 

Additionally, the Word Cloud feature highlights the most frequently used words by players to describe their experience, helping you identify common themes and key areas of focus. 

Together, these tools offer a clear and concise understanding of player perceptions, enabling you to make informed decisions for game improvements.


Automated Project Reports

An image showing Abtidote's platform feature: automated reports


Once your project is completed, Antidote’s platform provides an opt-in feature for generating automated reports based on player recordings and feedback.

This feature enables you to automatically discover insights such as the overall sentiment for the game, what players like or dislike the most and much more. Additionally, you can ask your own questions to gather specific insights about the playtest.

Rest assured, we do not use public AI services, and your data remains within Antidote’s secure servers.

Furthermore, our platform makes it easy to analyze your playtest data with our project data export feature. Use Antidote’s built-in analysis tools or export the data to your preferred software for further analysis.

This capability ensures that game studios can effortlessly generate and export reports from their playtests.


Launcher Integration (with Keys Management)

An image of showing the game distribution via sharing of keys


Distributing your game has never been easier with Antidote’s launcher integrations.

Whether you’re using Steam or Epic, be it public or beta branches, Antidote securely handles the assignment of keys to your players.

Moreover, if you prefer to link to your self-hosted game or use other launchers, Antidote adapts to your needs. Our flexible approach ensures that your game distribution is seamless and secure, no matter your preferred platform.


Team Management


Antidote grants you robust control over your projects accessibility. 

You and your team can set up an admin account while granting access to team members for specific projects or sections. This level of customization ensures that you have full control over who can view and manage different aspects of your game development process. 

By delegating access appropriately, you can maintain the security of your project’s sensitive information.


Player Recruitment & Steam Connect


Find your ideal playtesters with Antidote’s growing player community. 

We are proud to have a diverse and loyal player base, giving opportunity for studios to recruit participants based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographic location
  • Type of player (casual, midcore, hardcore, pro)
  • Gaming habits & preferences 
  • … and more!

Additionally, you can leverage our Steam Connect feature to filter players based on their recent activity, minimum playtime, and preferred genres. 

This ensures more accurate and secure recruitment, allowing you to target the right audience for your playtests and receive more relevant feedback.


Playtest With Your Community


You have the flexibility to conduct playtests with your own community by inviting them to the Antidote platform.

Simply create the project, upload your build and start sending invite links to players from your own community. 

This allows you to gather feedback from players who are already familiar with and passionate about your games.


Managed Services for PC-Based Playtesting

In addition to our security and platform features, Antidote has extensive experience in assisting studios with conducting playtesting sessions for PC games.

Antidote offers a wide variety of managed playtesting services for PC-based games that allows having a continuous feedback loop during the whole development, including:



To learn more about playtesting PC-based games with Antidote, get in touch with us and let’s chat about your project requirements. 

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