Usability Testing

Isolate and fix the root cause of initial challenges detected by your target players.

Remove the Fear of Uncertainty

Game studios frequently face challenges around their game's user interface, design and usability

Neglecting these aspects can undermine countless hours of development, creative design and financial investment.

Usability testing enables you to pinpoint specific gameplay issues, big or small, that could otherwise impact player satisfaction and diminish your game’s success. 

Shaping Your Game with Player Feedback

It’s pivotal for game studios to develop and release games that are both enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Through usability testing, you benefit from:

Enhanced Game Flow and Navigation
Identify and refine any issues related to game interfaces, controls, and navigation to establish an intuitive flow that keeps players engaged over time
Optimized Game Mechanics
Fine-tune your game’s mechanics based on player interactions, offering the best possible gaming experience
Game Design Validation
Challenge your game design choices in a control testing environment with real players’ invaluable insights
Risk Mitigation
Incorporate early and continuous usability testing to help identify potential issues that could alienate players or lead to poor user reviews upon release

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Our User-Centric Testing Approach


Kickoff Meeting
Understanding your research goals and help with project planning


Transparent Communication
Establishing initial expectations and adopting your preferred communication method


Dedicated UX Researcher
Expert, stage-by-stage guidance from an experienced UX Research Lead


Targeted Player Recruitment
Finding the ideal player profile tailored to your project requirements


Executing & Observation
Conducting the study to see how players interact with your game mechanics and design


Customized Deliverables
Providing results in your preferred format, including video recordings, surveys and more

Adapting to Your Unique Requirements

Have a specific project outline in mind?

Whether your focus is on PC or mobile, interviews or surveys, our service molds to your specific needs.

Antidote’s flexible approach allows you to focus on particular aspects of your research. This enables you to fine-tune your game to resonate with your target audience effectively.

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements


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