Think-Aloud Comments & Transcripts

Listen to players' genuine thoughts during gameplay and capture every word for deeper playtesting insights. No mind-reading required.

Real-Time Audio Feedback

Capture Authentic Player Thoughts

Use audio feedback to identify usability issues and areas for improvement based on players’ real-time experiences.

Unearth players’ thinking processes, pinpoint struggles and receive direct feedback through post-gameplay reviews.

Comprehensive Transcripts

Every Word Right at Your Fingertips

Access comprehensive transcripts of player comments during playtests.

Reduce time spent on note-taking, quickly identify key themes and streamline the analysis process.

Advanced Search

Instantly Locate Key Insights

Search for specific keywords within transcripts and jump to exact timestamps for easier navigation, never missing any important feedback.

An image showing the advanced search feature within transcripts
Export Capability

Share Feedback with Your Team

Export transcripts with player insights for the comprehensive review. 

Easily collaborate with your team by sharing detailed feedback to pinpoint specific user challenges and drive improvements.

AI Insights

Automated Takeaways Summary

Access precise summaries of key player feedback from playtest transcripts and get answers to specific queries effortlessly.

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