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Soft Launching

Test your mobile or PC game in a large scale controlled environment before releasing it globally.

Analyze your finished game’s performance on a real world environment

Antidote offers a soft launch game testing service for both mobile and PC games in a limited community, in order to help you understand the engagement and retention levels of the targeted market before officially releasing the game.

Why should I soft launch before releasing a game?

When you soft launch, usually your game is released in only one country or market, which gives you the possibility of collecting players’ feedback and opinions. With the help of these commentaries, you can easily draw conclusions about the players’ experience with your game. You are then able to revise everything in advance in order to deliver a better gaming experience.

Why should I choose Antidote to soft launch my game?

We can perform soft launches not only for mobile, but also for PC games. Moreover, Antidote chooses a limited community matched to your targeted market for soft launch testing, rather than only one country, which aims to provide a real environment in terms of targeted market and segments.

Even if your game is already in Early Access on platforms such as Steam, you can use Antidote to gather more information from players.

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