Player Recruitment & Coordination

Find the ideal players from your target audience for a focused and impactful playtesting process.

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Every successful playtest hinges on selecting the right player profiles

Yet, finding these players, managing the logistics and handling the communication can be a time-consuming process for game studios.

Antidote steps in to remove these burdens, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters: gathering user-driven and actionable insights.

Receive Authentic Feedback Directly from Gamers

With Antidote, you unlock access to the diverse player community ready to offer precise insights for your playtesting needs.

Hence you can expect:

Tailored & Effective Player Recruitment
We will put your ideal target audience right in front of you
Superior Feedback Quality
By finding the right players, you can gain relevant and valuable insights for your research
Fast Turnaround
Leverage Antidote’s experience and expertise for a streamlined recruitment process
Saving Your Valuable Time
We’ll manage the formalities like NDAs, rewards distribution and more for you

Developing Your Game on Any of These Platforms?

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Player Recruitment Made Simple


Kickoff Meeting
We discuss your project requirements, proposed deadlines and offer expert guidance


Transparent Communication
We’ll setup a clear communication plan based on your preferred channels


Assigning a Project Manager
You will have a dedicated project manager with the direct line of communication


Player Recruitment
We find the right players from our diverse player community or external recruitment campaigns


Player Validation
Quick recap meeting to present selected players


Project Coordination
Leave logistics, rewards distribution, and contracts to us

Customize Your Player Recruitment

Each playtest has its unique player criteria and preferences.

Whether you need unbiased, external players or perform a moderated study with them, you can customize the perfect project plan to suit your requirements.

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements


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