Full Playthrough

Unlock your game's full potential with targeted player feedback - from opening scene to final credits

Review Your Whole Game’s Appeal

What is the best way to examine your finished game? Playtesting it from start to finish

A full playthrough is essential to validate your game’s complete narrative and mechanics, ensuring it aligns with your initial vision.

It’s an effective way for game studios to identify key areas for improvement prior to the full launch, be it gameplay, storyline or technical aspects.

Align Your Game’s Vision With Player Expectations.

Ever wondered where players struggle most in your game?

A secure, full playthrough with a select group of players can reveal these critical areas, offering a comprehensive bird’s eye view of how players interact with certain stages or levels during gameplay.

As a result, you benefit from:

Player Journey Understanding
Uncover how players experience your game’s story and mechanics over time
Focused Game Refinements
Identify and address key elements that may hinder player engagement or disrupt the game flow
Optimized Pacing & Progression
Ensure your game’s difficulty level aligns with player expectations for better UX experience
Balanced In-Game Economy
Mitigate any issues related your game’s virtual currency, marketplace or transactions

Developing Your Game on Any of These Platforms?

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Simplifying Your Research Process


Kickoff Meeting
We start by discussing your study’s objectives and setting a clear project timeline


Transparent Communication
We’ll update you with regular progress reports using your preferred communication channel during the project


Dedicated UX Researcher
A specialized UX Research Lead will be assigned to guide you through each step of the process


Player Recruitment
We handle the recruitment of players matching your target profile, including backup options for no-shows


Study Execution
Leave the managing of logistics, contracts, game distribution and participant rewards to us


Supervising Participants
We ensure players complete the full game and provide support whenever needed


Receive Actionable Feedback
Receive practical insights to your dev team through interviews, UX reports or other preferred deliverables

Tailor Your Playthrough Study

We adapt to your project needs to ensure you receive precise and valuable player insights for your game’s development process.

Whether you would like to conduct a moderated or unguided playtest, collect player feedback through surveys or interviews, you have the power of selecting your ideal research methodology.

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements


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