Assisted Playtesting

Let our UX team take care of your next game testing needs and provide you with all the results. We are here to help.​

Focus on your game while we manage your playtest

We are more than happy to organize the entire playtest for you, handling all the necessary steps for it without removing a single bit of control or flexibility from your hands. All you have to do is tell us exactly what you are looking for, and we will make it happen for you.

Which details of my playtest will Antidote handle exactly?

We set up the project based on your goals, recruit the targeted players, schedule the time slots of all playtesting sessions, collect and analyze players’ feedback and report all of this back to you.

Who is in charge of my playtests if I authorize Antidote to manage the whole process?

The different members of our team will oversee the entire operation, supported by our excellent user experience researchers. We will take care of the recruitment, communication with the player, give them access to your game and collect their feedback. We will also be in charge of providing rewards to the players.

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