Longitudinal studies

Test your project over time with the same players to verify how its evolution impacts their behavior and experience.

Understand long-term engagement & players’ motivation

In addition to general playtesting, we are experts at doing longitudinal studies as well, in order to help you get a deeper understanding of the players’ experience and how it evolves over time. With these tests, you will be able to improve long-term fun and engagement for your players and measure retention over the span of multiple days.

What are the differences between general playtesting and longitudinal studies?

General playtesting mainly takes place only once, followed by the analysis of players’ feedback and results. Longitudinal studies consist of distinct sessions over time, requiring several playtests in order to observe how the players react to the evolution of your project, helping you understand their retention and engagement.

This gives you a much more in-depth understanding of the way changes and updates of your game impact players.

How do I correctly prepare a longitudinal study?

It depends on your objectives. After recruiting players, Antidote can either request them to play several times according to a fixed schedule or allow them to play whenever they want during a time slot.

After each session, they have to fill in a survey in order to provide feedback about their gaming experience.

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