Longitudinal Studies

Track gameplay engagement over multiple playtesting sessions with the same set of players to analyze and refine your game’s UX.

Decode Player Preferences Over Time

Attaining success in your game demands a deep understanding of how player engagement and behavior evolve throughout gameplay.

Observing the same players across multiple sessions allows game studios to grasp the shifts in player motivations and preferences during different gameplay stages.

This approach provides essential data that can inform and guide the development, as well as future updates of your game!

Understand How Your Game Is Experienced Over Time

For game producers and UX researchers, grasping your game’s lasting appeal to your target audience is pivotal for sustained success.

Longitudinal studies provide:

Continuous Improvement Feedback
Receive ongoing feedback that suggests iterative improvements, helping to fine-tune your game’s mechanics
Player Retention & Engagement Analysis
Understand the factors that keep players returning to your game, allowing for focused development on elements that truly matter
Strategic Planning for Future Updates
Formulate your content updates and expansions based on player interactions to maximize interest and retention
Gathering User-Driven Feedback
Obtain valuable insights from real players interacting with your game, pinpointing its strengths and areas for improvement

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Streamlined Approach to Longitudinal Studies


Kickoff Meeting
We’ll discuss your study’s objectives, offering expert advice and recommendations


Transparent Communication
Select your preferred communication channel and we’ll deliver updates that suit your current workflow


Dedicated UX Researcher
A dedicated UX Research Lead will accompany and support you from start to finish of your project


Targeted Player Recruitment
We will recruit the perfect player demographic to suit your study requirements


Executing the Study
We will handle the game distribution, player communication and progression tracking


Customized Deliverables
Secure the targeted player feedback you desire via the Antidote platform

Shape Your Study, Match Your Game

Customize your longitudinal study to align with your game’s specific features, from its genre to the player demographics.

We offer expert advice and adaptable research methods, providing player-driven insights to enhance your game development on PC or mobile.

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements


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