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Antidote is your online solution for playtesting PC and mobile games

Antidote User Research, Playtesting, and Market Research Solution for Game Studios and Publishers. Illustration of three people playing video games on different platforms: Virtual Reality, PC, and Mobile.


How Players Experience Your Game

Track players’ behavior. Collect players’ feedback. Explore players’ insights.

A Complete User Experience Platform
Specialized in Videogames.

Why Should I Use Antidote?

Because whether you are the largest game publisher or the smallest indie developer,
we got all your playtesting and user experience needs covered. Seriously.

Playtest in Any Stage,
On Any Platform

  • Playtest your game regardless of its stage: from prototyping, beta, soft launch to post launch.


  • On any gaming platform: PC, mobile (android and iOS), browser, VR.

Flexible Recruitment
of Players

  • Recruit players from the Antidote Player Base to playtest your games, increase your player base or expand your brand influence.

  • Invite your existing community to engage with you from the early stages of your game by involving them in your development.

Diversity of Services
and Results

  • Wide-scale playtesting, UX and marketing services from our team: customized reports, focus groups, in-depth interviews and GameLab studies.
  • Track multiple sources of data to help you analyze players’ behaviors, from gameplay and audio recordings, to fully customizable surveys.

Player Base

A diverse community of players from all around the world, with all sorts of different ages, genders, backgrounds and profiles. From casual to hardcore players, you will find users playing any game genre and on any platform for you to reach out to.

Working alongside them, we are all willing to help you improve your game and truly bring it to the next level.

What Can You Do With Antidote?

An online tool that accompanies you from the very first idea
we got all your playtesting and user experience needs covered. Seriously.


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