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Online Playtesting Solution


Are you a player? Become a tester!

Discover how players experience your game

Use to measure and playtest the user experience of PC and Mobile Games. Get accurate feedback and insights from real players, improve your game and repeat.

Your Game

Setup Your Game

Describe your game and configure the playtest.

(Player instructions, duration, survey and data to record such as gameplay or biometrics)
Launch Playtest


Invite Players

Playtest your game with players from your own community or target Antidote Players.

(Filter players by demographics and gamer profiles)
Invite Players

and Repeat

Improve & Repeat

Visualize and benchmark results with Antidote tools or Request a Report from our UX team.

(Analyze, export data or request a Report)
Analyse and Improve

Online Playtesting Solution

Start with a free account to discover all Antidote Features. Playtest the User Experience of your game with players worldwide.

Playtest your game in any stage and any platform

Start from the beginning of your development process: validate your prototypes and concepts, keep playtesting upcoming versions and don’t stop until you release the solid PC or Mobile Game you’re looking for.

Manage your community of betatesters

Engage your existing community since the beginning of your game. Let them participate and become a crucial part of the development process. Stay in touch with your future customers!

Actionble Data: Gameplays, surveys, reports, biometrics.

Antidote lets you to track multiple sources of information to help you understand what is happening and how to improve your players experience.

Setup your game to playtest it.
Setup your Game

Describe and provide access to your game. Upload your binary or use your preferred distribution channel (e.g Steam Closed Beta, Google Play, etc.). Antidote also lets you manage and distribute game keys and audit player redeems.

Target players and describe your playtest protocol
Launch a Playtest

Create a Playtest Project by describing player instructions, identify your player target, data you want to record and survey questions.

Invite players from your community to playtest your game
Invite Your Players

Invite your existing communities to join your playtesting program. Generate invitation links and share them to gather players in one place. Filter and assign players to your upcoming playtests and get accurate and structured feedback.

Describe your Player Persona and target them for your playtest
Antidote Player Base

Don't have a community yet or want to test your game with new players? Target players from Antidote Player Base by describing their demographics and player profiles.

Analyse data, surveys, biometrics and gameplays to identify how to improve your game
Analyze Feedback

Analyse playtest results directly on Antidote and Benchmark results comparing multiple targets. Export Data in CSV for further analysis or request a Report from our UX analysts.

Review players gameplays, audio and boimetrical data to understand how was their experience
Playtest Data and Feedback

Playtests are more than just surveys. Antidote let's you record gameplays, think aloud comments, players' behaviour and even advance information such as biometrics and eye-tracking.

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Computer games

Full support to playtest games on PC/Mac/Linux.

Mobile games

Full support to playtest mobile games on Android.


Access your players' gameplay recording.


Choose your survey or elaborate your own.


Deeply understand gamers emotional responses.


Think-aloud comments are saved and available.


Track touches and keys pushed while playing.

Face Recording

Watch gamers reactions during gameplay.


Control all your games and projects from one place.


Get automatic reports in real time of your playtests.

Sentiment Analysis

Get in a glance how positive or negative is the feedback provided.

Word Clouds

Check words used by players to describe their experience.


Compare UX with your other playtests and similar games.


Discover the player persona of your audience.


Invite a specific community to play your game.


Give away awesome rewards to your players.


You have multplie options to let players access your game in a secure way.


Share your Beta in Steam and upload Keys that Antidote will assign only to selected players.


Add a link to your game or use other platforms (Epic, GOG, etc.) you can also add Keys and Passwords.

Antidote Lab

When advanced security requirements are demanded, use Antidote's Lab to playtest your game.

Antidote Player Base

The Antidote player community is very diverse, composed by players from many parts of the world, different demographics and player profiles. Reach players from across the world and let them help you improve your player experience.

The Complete User Experience Solution for Mobile and PC Games

Playtest and improve your games during prototyping, development, soft launch and after release.
Choose the right playtesting solution for your studio​!

Antidote of the Week

Playtest your game during a week and receive quality feedback
from up to 80 players, at a reduced cost.
Limited Slots Available

UX and Marketing Services

Our User Experience and Game Design analysts will study your game and understand your needs.
Let us provide you with a custom solution to help you move faster.

UX Reports

Review and draw conclusions from several gameplays is not easy. Ask us for a personalized and detailed UX report to extract better conclusions from your playtests.

User Acquisition

Based on your target and Player Persona we can reach such audience and invite them to be part of your community of Beta Testers.

Player Rewards

Antidote can manage player rewards for you. Just define the reward level and it will be managed by our platform, including player reward assignation and distribution and player support.

Player Persona

Let our team analyse your concept, game and features and, by understanding what players perceive it, we will identify and create your Player Persona.

Community Management

Using Antidote we can target your audience and you can share with them private or exclusive notifications about your game, have your own private channel.

Platform Customization

Antidote Customization is available under request. Would you like Antidote to integrate with your internal systems/APIs? Provide a customized experience for your beta testers? Ask our team.

Do You Have Additional Requirements?

Contact us and explore a custom solution for you needs.