Interviews and Focus Groups

Conduct interviews with players moderated by our UX research team or by your staff.

Obtain in-depth understanding of the users’ experience

Our Games User Research team can organize in-depth interviews, observational studies and focus groups with testers, achieving a more detailed understanding of players’ behaviours and experiences. Additionally, you can also provide us with a script or a set of pre-prepared questions to really obtain the answers you need.

Is it possible to record all interviews or the whole focus group?

Yes, we can record the interviews, and it is also possible for you to join in or observe them in real time. The sessions can be conducted by some of our experts but you or someone from your team could also be in charge, if you prefer.

How long usually does an in-depth interview and focus group take?

Organizing a focus group, observational studies or several interviews takes about one week to recruit and schedule all sessions. That will also vary depending on if we are doing the session remotely or in our facilities.

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