Cloud Streaming Playtesting

Playtest your PC or Android game remotely and securely worldwide. No local game downloads or expensive setups needed.

Risk-free of build leaks

Top-Notch Security Measures

Players don’t need to download and install the game to their local devices, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

You have full control over who can remotely access the game, ensuring that only assigned players can participate in the study.

Once the player has completed the playtest, our platform will automatically remove access to the streaming session.

Limitless Reach

Test with Players Around the World

Supported worldwide in 21 regions, including North and South America, Southern Africa, Europe, and Asia.

This multi-region support allows Antidote to optimize bandwidth usage and minimize latency, ensuring best-in-class speed and performance for your playtests, no matter where your players are located.


Minimal Hardware Requirements

Participants only require a stable internet connection to our cloud servers, eliminating the need for a high-end PC setup and making playtesting a breeze.

This allows anyone to join your playtests, regardless of their hardware capabilities, ensuring the focus remains on gathering insights rather than dealing with performance issues or crashes.

Smooth Experience

Playtest in High Definition

Stream modern games at 60fps with medium-to-high details at 1080p resolution.

This ensures players experience your game as intended, with smooth graphics and responsive gameplay. Enjoy the same high-quality playtesting experience as if the game were installed locally, without any loss in performance.

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