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Become a playtester. Help game studios create better gameplay experiences and improve their games.

Playtest video games before launch and become part of the development process.

Anne T. and Dot, main characters of the Antidote Universe, receive a notification and discover new games. Illustration for 'Become a Game Tester' page, promoting active participation in game development.


Discover New Games

Test videogames before their launch and participate actively to the development of the game. Contribute to create amazing gameplay experiences!


Play From Your Home

From any place and any device, you’ll be able to participate to the testing process. Whether you are at home or at your friend’s place, use our application and record your game session!
Anne T. and Dot, main characters of the Antidote Universe, open a chest containing coins as a reward for playtesting and providing feedback on game research, showcasing the excitement of getting rewards.


Get Rewards!

Become part of our player community and subscribe to upcoming projects. The more you contribute, the more rewards will be available. Jump in and start testing!

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Nitro Games

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