UX Case Study: Stress Test - Simultaneous Playtest, Antidote

UX Case Study: Stress Test

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As the multiplayer landscape in video games evolves, so do the requirements and the elements added to it in order to provide new functionalities and mechanics. This creates an increase in multiplayer and simultaneous testing. Thus more and more companies want to make sure their servers are capable of handling large numbers of players and interactions within their game.

What is Stress Test?

Stress test allows companies to see how well their servers respond to a very significant influx of players. It ensures that they will be able to handle everything that comes their way once the game goes live. In order to do this, a large number of players joined to test the game at the same time. Together players push the servers to their limit and verifying how well they function under such harsh conditions.

To sum it up, the main advantages of stress testing are:

  • Analyzing how well your servers handle large influxes of players;
  • Understanding your server limitations, allowing you to prepare and plan in advance;
  • Verifying if there are any stability issues with your servers.

What does Antidote provide you regarding this UX research?

At Antidote, our experience with this kind of tests is quite vast. We have performed many of them in the past. One of the biggest companies we’ve had the opportunity to work with provided us more than one great opportunity for this. They relied on us to recruit the right players, setup the timetables and ensure that the entire experience ran smoothly.

We’ve also had the incredible pleasure of working with DacsLabs on a somewhat different type of stress testing. Their platform ROCKITPLAY allows players to start games with as little as 1% of the download finished. With us, they conducted a couple of tests with the intention of analyzing how well their revolutionary launcher ROCKITPLAY works when hundreds of people utilize it at the same time. Thanks to it, they were able to verify how their high download speeds are affected by intense usage. Moreover, they figured out how they can plan accordingly whenever the launch of a big project is just around the corner.

To ensure a good multiplayer experience to your players, stress testing is an absolute must. Expectations for the gaming industry keep increasing every day, with players becoming more demanding of which games they want to dedicate their time to. To stay ahead of the curve and ensure they have a great time with your game, schedule your stress test with us today!

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