UX Case Study: UX Reports

Why are the Playtest's reviews important?

While it is not hard to understand the importance of playtesting, it might be easy for someone not familiar with this process to overlook certain aspects of it. One of the biggest examples of this is the sheer amount of results that may be obtained from even a single playtesting session, and just how long it might take to review and analyze all this information to generate a UX report.

This situation, as you can imagine, becomes exponentially more complex as the number of players, hours tested or questions in a survey, interview or focus group increases; in some situations, we might be talking about dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay to review or hundreds of questions to analyze before companies are even able to start obtaining conclusions from their playtest. Not only does this sound like a daunting task, many companies simply don’t have the time or manpower to go through every result or piece of data in order to be able to get a full overview of their entire project.

We can help you!

Fortunately, here at Antidote we are able to solve this issue for you, allowing you to dedicate all of your time to simply analyzing final results and reviewing the main conclusions. The way we do this is by having our UX team examining, scrutinizing and deeply investigating every single result obtained and then crafting highly-detailed, extremely meticulous UX reports.

These reports will include all the conclusions obtained from the project, as well a general overview of the players’ experiences, the most common complaints or praises from the testers, top issues found in the current build and even suggestions for improvement in your development cycle, in order to bring about the best possible game you can create and bring player satisfaction to the top.

Fundamentally Games working with Antidote
Funplus Game working with Antidote
THQ Nordic working with Antidote
Arkadium working with Antidote
Gungho working with Antidote

Many companies, large and small, have requested this service, and the feedback obtained about it has been overwhelmingly positive. Some examples of these are Fundamentally Games, FunPlus, THQ Nordic, Arkadium and GungHo, and all of them were incredibly excited in getting such streamlined results without going through the extra effort usually required for it.

In game development, as in many other situations, there is nothing as valuable as time so leave all the heavy lifting for us while you focus on the results that really matter.

Don’t waste any more time and request a UX report for your playtest today!

You can take a look at a report sample here.

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