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Invite your existing community of players or beta testers to play and test your game online with Antidote.

Invite your players and make their voices be heard

If you want to playtest with your own community, you can easily invite them to test your game projects. Besides being a convenient way to have all the results neatly organized in the same platform, this will also allow you to have access to the profiles of the invited players, which really streamlines the process and facilitates the acquisition of feedback.

How do I invite my own players?

On the Antidote platform you will be able to generate a code that gives access to players to join your community of beta testers. When joining the community they complete the standard player profile and even a custom profile that you can create.

When launching a playtest you will be able to filter players using their profile so you can accurately target who you are inviting to each playtest based on your current needs and goals of each playtest.

Why should I invite my own community to do the playtest?

By inviting your community to join the playtest, you have the opportunity to improve player engagement. In addition, it is also regarded as an efficient way to advertise your upcoming game even before it is officially released.

On the other hand, their participation gives you the opportunity to observe players behavior and improve their game experience at any stage. In addition to that, if you are currently doing internal testing yourself, we can do it for you remotely.

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