How to Maximize the Outcome of Video Game Events

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Get the most out of your next Video Game Event

A new event is approaching, the whole team put a lot of effort to make it great and it is going to be an inflexion point for your project. After some exhausting weeks polishing your game, spending days designing your Booth and arranging your travel and accomodation, you are finally there ready to nail it. 

At this point, the most important part is to have your objectives clear. Let’s say:

These are key goals for the success of your project and you’ve already invested a lot to get here.
How could you get the most out of this event?


Having a booth in a video game event will expose you to thousands of players that are eager to discover and test new games. You can use this opportunity to test certain parts of your game and gather their feedback. 


Your booth will certainly be on fire, with lots of people coming and going and providing valuable feedback that will be very helpful for following iterations on the development of your game. Make sure to have this in mind:


The type of gamer that usually attends game events tends to be experienced (e.g midcore or hardcore gamers) and might not satisfy your target!


buildING A community

Video Game events are a great way to keep growing your community. You’ve probably already started online, with a Discord channel or a Twitter account, or maybe not yet. The event will let you engage directly with players, face to face, and build a strong community.


Don’t let them go! Invite all attendees to join your community, stay up to date and be active participants of the development of your game:


They will be there when your game is not yet ready, unstable and “not-what-it-will-be”. But they understand it and will accompany you throughout your tough journey. Treat them well, as if they were paying customers, and let them participate.


Getting in touch with publishers is relatively easy. Most video game events (eg. Gamescom, GDC, GameConnection, Nordic Games) have matchmaking tools to let you arrange meetings with publishers and industry service providers. The hard part, though, is to stand out from other games and convince publishers to meet with you to know how great your game is.


In advance, you could invite a few players to play your game, record their sessions and get their feedback. In your communications with publishers you could share your deck together with playtest results, thus showcasing:


If your concept, prototype, vertical slice or published game is ready to be pitched to publishers, it’s ready for players too.



By applying this simple yet powerful recommendations you will get advantage. Your game will grow thanks to players’ feedback, you will anticipate issues that otherwise would arise maybe too late, you’ll start building a solid player community and will impress publishers and investors. Remember to:

Seems like a lot but there are many tools that can help you out (e.g Google Drive, Mailchimp, Monkey Survey, etc. ). Our platform, Antidote also helps you drive online / offline playtesting, manage your community and gather players’ feedback. An excellent tool for video game studios to help you in all we’ve covered. If you want to know more reach out to us anytime.


   Thanks for reading!

Get the Most Out of Your Next Videogame Event

Use Antidote to playtest your game, grow your community and impress publishers.

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