Can we test other things besides a game?

Of course! Antidote also helps you test video game concepts, GDD, designs, trailers, cinematics… you name it!  If you are also developing a mobile or desktop app companion that is not a game or a side project your studio is working on, you can also use Antidote to help you with that. In such cases, […]

How long does it take to get results?

On average, a full playtesting project is completed between 24 and 48 hours after you launch it. You will be able to review individual player sessions as they arrive, without having to wait until the end of the playtest. Please note that timings may vary depending on the type of playtest or requested.

Why are player rewards assigned in Antidote Coins instead of cash?

One of our missions is to provide you with a safe environment where you can iteratively test players’ experience and improve your game. To achieve that, one of the things we found necessary is to match you with real players, people you would find in the real world, and who are eager to share their […]

How are players rewarded?

Players are rewarded with Antidote Coins, a virtual currency they can exchange for game related items (games, steam credit, Amazon cards, etc.) in our Antidote Store. When your playtests target players from the Antidote Player Base, a standard reward is included. You can modify the reward to match your needs. The same occurs when you […]

How do I invite my own players?

Inviting your own community of players is available with an Antidote subscription. To invite them just follow these steps:   Log in as a company Generate an invitation code: Go to Players > Generate invitation code > Show Invite link Share the invitation code with your players directly or via your social networks; as they […]

Is distribution via Antidote secure?

Antidote has several mechanisms in place to make sure your game is securely distributed. By default, and without any additional integration from your side, the game is sent to players over secure channels, only allowed to players that are assigned to your playtest and removed from the player’s system when the playtest is finished. In […]

What kind of confidentiality agreement do you have with the testers?

Each player accepts a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when joining Antidote. In addition to that, before each playtest, players are reminded about the confidentiality agreement. Additionally, you can also set your own NDA and players will need to accept it before playtesting your game.

Do you also perform QA?

This is part of our extra services. Let us know what you have in mind to see how we can help! Contact us here.

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