What is biometric playtesting?

In addition to standard playtesting, Antidote can also connect to biometric systems to record heart rate, skin conductance or eye tracking. This can help discover more about players’ experience by, for example, determining levels of stress or impactful moments. Biometric playtests are performed at our Antidote Lab or directly by the testers from home, where […]

What information can I get from a playtest?

To help you fully understand how players experience your game, Antidote provides you with several tools that are configurable at the moment you define your project: gameplay recording, think aloud comments (embedded in gameplay), hardware specifications, video conference with players, face recording, survey answers report and even general intents. During the playtest, this information is […]

Do you have a limited number of questions?

The number of questions is unlimited. However, we would recommend to not go further than 20-30 questions per project. More questions than that and we start seeing decreases in the response rate and quality of responses.

What type of questions are available?

You can create surveys with many types of questions. These include opinion scales, open questions, yes/no, single and multiple choice but also sections to help you organize your questions. Antidote displays players’ answers in a beautiful way, so you can get fast insights even at a glance.

How are the surveys elaborated?

Since each project is unique, you can create your own surveys with specific questions in order to aim at the true needs of your game. A range of standard questions have also been elaborated by our UX experts and are available during project creation.

Where do players come from?

Most of the players are based in Europe or North-America (USA & Canada), but there are plenty more from many other regions. Testers are usually invited to play from their homes but in certain cases, such as in advanced configurations or complex scenarios, players can also be invited to our game lab in Barcelona.

Who will be testing my project?

There are 2 main options: players from Antidote or players from your beta testing community. During the creation process of your playtest, you will be able to specify your player target (gender, age, gamer profile, games played, etc); if you choose Antidote Players, the platform will automatically select the group of testers that best match […]

How do I distribute my game to playtesters?

Antidote provides several ways to do this. During the creation of your playtest, you can select to distribute your game via Antidote, use another launcher (such as Steam or Epic) or use your own distribution system by setting a download link. If you require game keys to be distributed to the testers, Antidote automatically manages […]

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