Case Study: How NFTs, metaverses and blockchain boost the evolution of the gaming industry

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An ever-changing technological world

In our current technological landscape, it’s not unusual for innovative advances or possibilities to suddenly appear and take the world by storm. The same thing can happen with older concepts, that can sometimes receive a massive spike in popularity from day to night. 2021 was a year full of challenges and difficulties for all of us, but we can’t deny the many, many technological trends that suddenly exploded into our lives, creating fresh approaches to business and new ways to create interest in products and services.

With terms such as NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchains or metaverses becoming more and more mainstream, it was only a matter of time until the video game world started looking into ways to implement these concepts into their core elements. Despite Steam’s ban on these kinds of games a couple of months ago, many developers and publishers still believe in all the untapped potential these ideas might hold. However, since no extensive research or information is available on the topic, it’s rather hard to understand the main issues related to this topic as well as identify how to correctly create these games and ensure that people enjoy them.

And this is where Antidote steps in. Just like the gaming industry itself, we are constantly expanding and learning about new ways to help publishers and developers, and always looking into new areas of expertise.

How can Antidote help you?

NFTs, metaverses and blockchains are no exception, and after running several playtests with games that focused on these elements, we feel confident about how we can help companies fully understand and respect their players’ opinions and implement these ideas in ways that make sense.;

By setting up a playtest of this style with us, we can ensure that you will be able to obtain all sorts of information, depending on the main goals you are looking for. Whether you wish to verify if the core elements of your game are working as intended, to ensuring that player interactions and experiences with the game are functioning properly, or even analyzing the content creation capabilities of your current build, we can definitely help you fully realize the true vision of your projects.

Experience you can trust

An example of our experience with this comes from The Sandbox, a metaverse with player freedom in mind that requested our help in understanding how the journey of a new user would look like, as well as how they could manage a large influx of players. Another similar situation is Antler Interactive’s My Neighbor Alice, a farmland simulator that you can transform into a big business on blockchain by selling and stocking their currency tokens.

And these are just some examples of what is possible to achieve with these technologies. As an emerging market, there is no better time to start developing and working on projects that encapsulate them; after all, we never know when such an opportunity will arise again. Be sure to go the extra mile to guarantee your success by scheduling your playtest with Antidote today!

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