Deep Dive into Antidote's playtesting features

Online Playtesting Made Easy

1 - Game
Setup your game to playtest it.
Setup your Game

Describe your game, set the distribution channel (e.g Antidote, Steam Closed Beta, Google Play, etc.) and access keys if necessary.

Let Antidote manage the entire communication process with players and provide rewards.

2 - Project
Target players and describe your playtest protocol
Launch a Playtest

Select the features that better complement your project

Define instructions for players and additional confidentiality agreements.

Customize your survey with unlimited questions.

3 - Players
Invite players from your community to playtest your game
Invite Players

You can either reach players from Antidote Player Base or Invite your existing community

Choose Antidote Player Base to reach a large and diverse community of players from all over the world.

Invite your own community to join you. Share invitation links, filter players and assign them to your upcoming playtests.

5- Analyze
Analyse data, surveys, biometrics and gameplays to identify how to improve your game
Analyze Feedback

Access results in real time.

Analyse playtest results through Antidote. From answers to surveys to gameplay recordings and comments.

Export data in CSV or Excel for further analysis or request a report from our UX researchers.

6- Gameplays
Review players gameplays, audio and boimetrical data to understand how was their experience
Wide Range of Services

Access a wide range of services. From UX reports to focus groups and interviews. We adapt to any stage of your game and to any of your company's needs. Seriously.

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Platform Features at a Glance

  • PC & Mobile Games

    Full support to playtest games for Windows, Mac and Android.

  • Distribute

    Distribute your game securely via Antidote.

  • Steam

    Share your Beta in Steam and upload Keys that Antidote will assign only to selected players.

  • Custom

    Add a link to your game or use other platforms (Epic, GOG, etc.) you can also add Keys and Passwords.

  • Gameplay

    Access your players' gameplay recording.

  • Comments

    Think-aloud comments are saved and available.

  • Surveys

    Choose your survey or elaborate your own.

  • Touches

    View where players touch while playing your game.

  • Face Recording

    Watch gamers reactions during gameplay.

  • Biometrics

    Deeply understand gamers emotional responses.

  • Dashboard

    Control all your games and projects from one place.

  • Reports

    Get automatic reports in real time of your playtests.

  • Word Clouds

    Check what are the most used words by players to describe their experience.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Get at a glance how positive or negative is the feedback provided.

  • Benchmark

    Compare UX with your other playtests and similar games.

  • Player Persona

    Discover what is the player persona of your audience.

Multiple Platforms and Setups

Playtest your game no matter what platform you are developing for (PC, Mobile, VR, Console…) and enjoy all Antidote’s playtesting features.

Invite players to join your playtests, distributing your game remotely and securely. 

Do you have special confidentiality requirements or setups? Contact us to arrange a playtest in Antidote Lab to run a playtest meeting your requirement in a controlled environment.

Mobile Games

Custom Setups

Console Games

PC Games

Data to work with

Let's build together

All this data allows you to understand how your players are experiencing your game. Antidote helps you to analyse this data with additional feautres:

Analyse your results and repeat tests anytime to create the best version of your game.

Invite your community

Create an Antidote Link to invite all your community to playtest your game. Share it through your online channels anytime. But also share it with your friends or in events to recruit new beta testers. 

Reward their participation

Use the gamification system to reward players support.
They get eXperience Points and Coins for each playtesting sessions they do. Those coins can be exchanged in the Antidote Store for Game Related Rewards (Steam Cards, games, etc.)






Distribution Options

Antidote provides several ways to distribute your game to players:

  • Via Antidote: upload your game binaries, manage versions and let Antidote take care of the rest.
  • Your preferred distribution channel (e.g Steam Beta, Epic Store, direct link…). Antidote lets you define installation instructions, beta branch passwords and game keys. Have control over what keys have been redeemed by players.

Antidote Labs

Do you have strict confidentiality requirements? Bring the playtesting experience to one of our Antidote Labs. Targeted players will be invited to join us in our lab and play on a controlled environment.

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