Can we use our own NDA/contract templates?

Of course! You have an option of providing your own templates which will be provided to the players prior to the playtest. If required, you can use Antidote’s pre-written contracts that will be provided to the players. 

What platforms are available for playtesting with Antidote?

We can perform playtests on both PC, mobile (iOS and Android) and VR. We have experience in executing specialized multiplayer game testing on all platforms, utilizing our cloud-based platform to record the sessions and collect player feedback. Additionally, we support console-like testing on PC with a gamepad, recruiting players who primarily play on consoles to […]

How does Antidote ensure security throughout the multiplayer study?

We take the privacy of your multiplayer testing seriously. To safeguard your research study, we take the following steps: All participants are required to sign NDA agreements, ensuring they understand and commit to confidentiality requirements. On request, we offer ID verification (for a small-group of players), providing an additional layer of trust and security. Our […]

How does Antidote find the right player profiles for my study?

We employ a transparent approach, primarily leveraging our active player community to match the precise player demographics required for your study. We use criteria such as gaming preferences, geographical location, age and gender to identify the ideal candidates that align with your project’s needs. If necessary, we also specialize in conducting external recruitment campaigns, utilizing […]

Can I request for a stakeholder-ready UX report after the playtest?

Certainly! On request, our experienced research team can prepare a detailed UX report for your development team or key stakeholders. This report will highlight crucial findings from the study, such as main observations, survey results and practical suggestions for improvement. Opting for this report frees you from the extensive task of going through the study […]

What is the pricing for the multiplayer testing?

The cost of the study would depend on your requirements. Considerations include number of recruited players, their demographics, session type (moderated or not) and whether you opt for a comprehensive UX report by our in-house research team. Furthermore, you have the option to choose either a per-project based contract or establish a package contract with […]

Can Antidote conduct a large-scale multiplayer playtest?

Absolutely! Antidote is fully equipped to handle large-scale multiplayer playtests involving a larger number of participants. These tests are similar to standard multiplayer study in their focus on evaluating the UX, but they engage more participants to gather broader insights, such as the effectiveness of the matchmaking process. If you would like to test the […]

What is multiplayer game testing in Game User Research?

Multiplayer game testing examines the multiplayer components of your game, including gameplay mechanics and, player interactions. It involves conducting playtests with several players at once to identify and improve areas for an enhanced player experience. Through this process, you can validate that the game aligns with player expectations for both engagement and performance.

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