How long does a playthrough study take and how is it managed?

The duration of a study varies depending on your game’s length and complexity. We manage the process end-to-end, coordinating with players and dealing with all the logistical aspects of the project. Your assigned UX Researcher will provide consistent updates throughout the study, ensuring you’re informed at every stage!

Can I get extra insights if my target player profile doesn’t complete the full game?

Certainly! Gathering insights from players who didn’t complete or enjoy your game is as vital as feedback from those who did. We can offer a separate survey or arrange in-depth interviews to explore reasons behind the incomplete playthroughs. This approach helps identify issues like unclear instructions, complex mechanics or other critical factors impacting player experience

Can my team be part of the project and observe player communication?

Absolutely! After recruitment, players are invited to a private Discord server created exclusively for your study. Your team members are also welcome to join this server to observe all player interactions directly. This setup provides you with real-time access to common player questions, concerns and valuable feedback, which can be instrumental in refining your game!

How does Antidote ensure confidentiality and security of my playthrough study?

We prioritize security to prevent leaks before your game’s full release. Therefore, we have implemented a series of robust security protocols in our playtesting environment which include: Recruiting players from our trusted player community, who are part our own internal ranking system Prompting players to connect their Steam account to the Antidote platform to validate […]

How much does a full playthrough study cost?

The pricing for your project will depend on various factors, including your game’s length, the number of players required, the option for an in-depth UX report from our experienced research team, and other service preferences requested.   For a custom quote, please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements and identify the best […]

What is a full playthrough in Game User Research?

A full playthrough involves a comprehensive assessment of your entire game, from start to finish. The aim is to evaluate all aspects of the game, including gameplay, narrative flow and technical execution. This research approach is more in-depth than other playtesting methods, which may focus only on specific elements or stages of the game.   […]

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