How do you prevent gameplay footage leaks during playtesting sessions?

Our platform can automatically inject Antidote’s SDK into the game build installed on our streaming servers to mitigate the risk of gameplay footage leaks. The SDK adds a watermark with the player’s ID to the gameplay footage, allowing us to link each gameplay session to the individual player. Additionally, the server’s operating system access is […]

What regions are supported by your cloud streaming service and how does it affect performance?

The feature is supported across 21 regions, including North and South America, Southern Africa, Europe and Asia.  This extensive multi-region support allows players to connect to a server close to their location, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. As a result, players worldwide can enjoy a seamless and immersive playtesting experience without performance issues.

Can players with low-spec hardware effectively use the cloud streaming feature?

Of course! To access the playtest, your participants will be invited to Antidote’s cloud server, which will host the game’s assets and files. This means the players’ experience is not limited by their PC’s specifications. They only require a decent internet connection, a basic PC setup and readiness to play your game!

How does cloud streaming handle latency and performance issues during playtesting?

We take several steps to achieve optimal performance: We distribute game servers globally based on playtest requirements. Before a player joins a session, we find the server with the lowest latency to their location. We conduct a speed test on the server region and show the player their speed and latency, along with a rating […]

What are the costs involved in using this feature?

The final price would depend on your project’s requirements. Factors such as the number of participants, the length of the study and other variables can influence the cost. Please contact our team to receive an accurate and tailored quote!

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