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Last weeks have been busy for Sekg, as we crossed the atlantic once again to reach the Game Connection America, the Game User Research and the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, from 27th February to 1st of March. We also had the opportunity to shareattending no less than 3 events in our hometown Barcelona: 4YFN, Mobile World Congress, and the Gamelab.

The team at Sekg has particularly enjoyed spending time with startups and game developers from all around the world!

GCA, GDC & GUR @ San Francisco

Few months after attending Techcrunch, we were on our way back to San Francisco and AT&T Park, were we’ve been able to have lots of interesting chats and exposure in the United States of America.

antidote at gaming events

Game Connection San Francisco

4YFN, Gamelab & MWC @ Barcelona

For its 4th edition, the 4YFN at Fira Montjuic in Barcelona was a great opportunity to display our testing platform to a wide range of startups and visitors and discover some great projects. Being present at the last day of the MWC we attended several interesting conferences at the Gamelab area.

Antidote of the Week

4YFN – Barcelona – Copyright Andreas Grieger 2017

What's next?

The next months will be intense! We have been selected to pitch in front of ACCIO to have the opportunity to participate to the Amsterdam-based event The Next Web!

If you want to stay tuned, don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin to learn more about our next big news!

Antidote at gaming events

San Francisco – SEKG

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