How to check your computer or phone specifications?

Some playtests have minimum hardware requirements due to the limitations of the game or because as it is still in development, it hasn’t yet been optimized.

To make sure that we send you games that can successfully run in your hardware we ask you to set your specifications in your player profile. Below you can find the steps to to check your specifications based on the system you own.


  1. Click the Windows Icon in the bottom left and type ‘Run” or use the command “Win+R” to open Run.
  2. Once Run is open, enter the word ‘dxdiag’ and click ‘OK’.
  3. In the new window will be indicated the specifications of the processor and RAM memory.
  4. Click ‘Next Page’ on the bottom or ‘Display’ on the top menu. In the window will appear the graphic card information.

Mac OS

  1. Click the Apple icon in the top left, and select About This Mac
  2. System information will be displayed here.


  1. Go to Settings. The settings icon should be in the pop up menu. The icon resembles a gear – tap on it to open. Once you open Settings, a list of options will be shown.
  2. Find and tap on About phone. Just scroll down the list in Settings until you find this option. The system information will be shown to you including the Android version, build number, etc.


  1. Tap the settings icon on your phone. A menu will pop up.
  2. Find and tap on ‘General’
  3. Tap the first option, ‘About’. The system information will be shown, including iOS version, model, capacity, etc

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