How does Antidote recruit the right players for my usability testing?

Antidote’s diverse player community enables us to recruit participants who align perfectly with your project’s specific criteria, such as age, location, gaming experience, preferred genres and played games. This targeted approach ensures you receive relevant and valuable feedback. On special requests, we also conduct external recruitment campaigns, using our in-house UX team’s carefully designed pre-screening […]

Can Antidote offer live moderated testing?

Absolutely! Upon request, we offer moderated sessions where you and your team can directly observe playtests in real-time. Additionally, we can organize post-playtest interviews, allowing you to directly engage with players for deeper insights. We can also provide recorded video sessions from the playtests, so you are able to see and review how the players […]

Can Antidote offer customizable deliverables?

Yes, we offer flexible result delivery methods based on your preference. From video recordings to comprehensive survey results, you can select what best fits your test.. In addition, you can opt for an in-depth UX report, which includes result analysis conducted by our experienced, in-house UX team!

How long does the whole process take to complete?

The duration of the study depends on various factors, including the number of players involved and the extent of your study. Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks to recruit the appropriate player profiles and an additional 1-2 weeks to gather the research data.

What is the pricing for usability testing?

The study’s cost varies based on your project’s specific needs, including the number of players, the game mechanics to be tested and whether you need detailed UX reports. Additionally, we provide flexible pricing options, whether you prefer a per-project basis or a long-term contract, to accommodate your preferred working arrangement! For a tailored quote, please […]

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