Which platforms can I use the features on?

Great news! Our think-aloud comments and transcripts features work on both PC and mobile builds. This ensures you get the insights you need, no matter where your players are having fun!  

How does the think-aloud feature work?

The feature listens to and records player comments during their playtesting sessions. Once the project is complete, you will have access to the audio recordings and transcripts that capture what participants said while engaging with your game. Please note that it’s important for playtesters to use a microphone and have it enabled to record their […]

How accurate are the transcripts?

Our platform uses the most up-to-date transcription software to provide you with the best possible accuracy. However, the overall precision will also depend on multiple factors such as: Background noise Audio (mic) quality Speaker clarity Ensuring that your players prepare in advance and minimize these issues will significantly increase the accuracy of the transcripts.  

How does the transcript’s advanced search feature work?

The advanced search feature allows you to search for specific words or phrases within transcripts. Once you enter a keyword, the feature will highlight all instances of the word and provide direct links to the exact timestamps in the video, making it easy to navigate to specific moments.

What are the benefits of think-aloud comments and transcripts?

Think-aloud comments offer a window into the player’s immediate thoughts and reactions as they interact with your game. By listening to them, you can better understand their decision-making processes and identify moments of confusion or frustration. Transcripts provide a written record of every spoken word during playtests, allowing for thorough post-session analysis. They enable you […]

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