Can Antidote help with player recruitment for my research?

Absolutely, we boast an active player community with a diverse range of gamer demographics. Therefore, we can help you recruit the perfect player profile for your research, whether it’s location, gender or any other specific requirements  Additionally, our specialized internal ranking system ensures that the players we recruit are both reliable and are accurately suited […]

Why should I run a stress test?

Performing a stress test helps you validate the capacity of your servers and identify potential problems before officially releasing a game, giving you a better understanding of the best way to offer player support. Additionally, stress testing verifies the functionality of multiplayer matchmaking, especially under the load of numerous concurrent players, ensuring a smooth gaming […]

How much does it cost to organize a stress test?

The pricing would highly depend on your study’s requirements. Factors affecting the price include the number of players involved, the study’s scope and the reward amount. For a custom quote, please contact us to discuss your research goals and requirements!

What is a stress test in gaming?

A stress test, also known as a load test, is an intensive form of playtesting where a large number of players simultaneously engage with your game. This test is designed to verify your server’s stability and performance under extreme conditions of high player traffic.

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