What are longitudinal studies in game user research?

A longitudinal study is a research method where player behavior and experience are observed over an extended period. This involves repeated playtesting sessions with the same group of players, allowing for an in-depth understanding of how their interactions with the game evolve as the game itself develops and changes. This approach is particularly effective in […]

Can Antidote help with player recruitment for my research?

Definitely! We have an active, diverse community of gamers, allowing us to find the right players for your study, tailored to specific needs like location and gender. Additionally, our internal ranking system ensures these players are both dependable and perfectly suited for your research!

How time-consuming are longitudinal studies?

While longitudinal studies are more extensive compared to other research methods, Antidote streamlines the entire process for you. We ensure that the study is conducted efficiently, minimizing the time impact on your development schedule while maximizing the quality of player insights.

Does Antidote offer console testing?

We offer PC builds with a gamepad, simulating a real-life, console gameplay experience. In addition, we recruit console-based gamers from our diverse community, ensuring you get an ideal player profile for your research study!

How do you ensure security during the playtesting sessions?

We strictly prioritize the confidentiality of your study. To protect your game content, we implement NDA agreements with participants, ID verification if requested and adhere to secure data handling protocols, ensuring confidentiality throughout the study. Moreover, our Auto-SDK Inject provides an additional layer of security that allows game studios to control when the game is […]

How does the pricing work for this service?

The cost of your project will depend on specific factors such as the number of players involved, the duration of the study and the need for detailed UX reports. Additionally, we provide flexible pricing options, whether you prefer a per-project arrangement or a long-term contract. For a custom quote please reach out to our sales […]

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