Self-organized Playtesting

Use the Antidote playtesting platform as a cloud tool to conduct all your user research game testing for PC and Mobile.

Setup your user research playtests on your own

With Antidote, you’ll be able to personally organize and handle all your playtests with ease. You will also have access to plenty of options that allow you to deeply customize all aspects of the playtest yourself.

What kind of feedback will I get from players?

On the setup of your playtest you can decide what information you’d like to get, the standard playtest include Surveys, Gameplay and Voice recording but you can also request more feedback that can include interviews, focus groups, face recording, eye-tracking and biometrical responses.

On top of that, you will have access to each player’s information, which includes demographics and information about their gaming profile (favourite games, genres played, platforms, etc.).

Is it possible to describe the target of my game so it can be playtested by the right players?

Of course! 

Playtesting with the right players is essential, so we allow you to describe your target giving details about their demographics (location, age, gender) and also their gaming profile (casual-mid-hardcore gamers, genres played, platforms, etc.).

It is also possible to setup a pre-screening process with your custom requirements.

How can I securely distribute my game to all playtesters?

Antidote offers multiple ways to distribute your game. If the game is already in a public store you can just add a link and keys or sets of user/password to give access to the players. Alternatively, you can upload the game (build) to Antidote, and it will be distributed directly to players using the Antidote App for mobile and desktop that internally manages the installation and launching of the game, which makes it easier for the playtesters.

To secure the game in that process we’ve developed an SDK that you can include in your game; this SDK checks if the player has been invited to the playtest and if the invitation is still valid, closing the game immediately if that is not the case.

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