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Outsourcing of UX and Usability Testing

All your testing needs outsourced from A to Z. We will conduct recruitment, manage playtests and provide results for you.

Let our UX research team assist you in any way you need

If your UX team needs some extra help analysing and handling some projects, the Antidote UX research team is here to assist you. We offer support on any level and on anything you need. We conduct recruitment, manage playtests and provide all the results for you.

When should I outsource to the Antidote UX team?

When your in-house team cannot work on more projects, we are able to assist you with the user research. This way, you will be able to accept more projects and deliver faster results thanks to our help.

What are the benefits of outsourcing this service?

We will coordinate anything regarding community testing from A to Z. We will handle all details and steps, from small scale qualitative tests to large scale quantitative tests, including interviews with the players and providing you with fully detailed UX reports – the only thing you’ll have to do is analyze the final data and results.

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