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Support for multiple platforms

Playtest your game no matter what platform you are developing for (PC, Mobile, VR, Console and other) using all Antidote’s playtesting features.

Once that game can be remotely and securely distributed online players will be invited to join each playtest.

In case of special confidentiality requirements, setups, platforms contact us. We can invite players to the Antidote Lab and run a playtest meeting those requirement in a controlled environment.

Mobile Games

Custom Setups

Console Games

PC Games

Data to work with

Let's build together

All this data allows you to understand how your players are experiencing your game. Antidote helps you to analyse this data with additional feautres:

Analyse your results and repeat tests anytime to create the best version of your game.

Invite your community

Create an Antidote Link to invite all your community to playtest your game. Share it through your online channels anytime. But also share it with your friends or in events to recruit new beta testers. 

Reward their participation

Use the gamification system to reward players support.
They get eXperience Points and Coins for each playtesting sessions they do. Those coins can be exchanged in the Antidote Store for Game Related Rewards (Steam Cards, games, etc.)






Distribution Options

Antidote Labs

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