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Security and Confidentiality

Playtest your games safely and with confidentiality. Include our SDK to limit player access to your build as well as enhance your game.

The safety of your projects is our biggest priority

We value security as one of the most important factors when it comes to playtesting – and that is why we have developed an SDK to limit players’ access to your build. Additionally, before any testing session, players need to accept a non-disclosure agreement, and you can also add your own. This ensures that you can playtest your games safely and with confidentiality.

How many additional disclosure (NDA’s) details can we add for the player to accept before the playtest?

When you set up the playtest there is a special field where you can add your personalized NDA. Players will need to accept it before having access to the game installation.

If you have additional requirements, we will start a process to meet them all and even evaluate if it would be better to launch the playtest in our facilities, which provide an even more secure environment.

If the player accepts the disclosure agreement but doesn't follow it or breaks it, what will happen?

We have access to all the personal contact details of every player in our platform, so in case there is a break we contact them directly. The player is warned in case of a minor violation, but they will be prosecuted and banned from the platform permanently if a major transgression occurs.

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