In-lab Playtesting

Run complex setups, local multiplayer sessions, biometric testing and obtain strict confidentiality in our game lab in Barcelona.

Securely playtest complex scenarios

We have a special facility where players can come to playtest in person – our game lab. Our special and complex set-up offers biometric information, such as eye tracking and heart rate monitoring, and also the possibility of performing local multiplayer sessions.

Is it only possible to make in-lab playtesting with residents of Barcelona?

Our game lab is located in the city center of Barcelona, so we can only recruit players who live or have access to the city. We do recommend using the game lab when playtesting with special targets such as kids, groups of friends, families or elder players. We have had players from Barcelona of course but also players with different nationalities.

What is the maximum number of players that can test our game in-lab?

We are flexible and have multiple rooms and agreements with additional spaces in case a large multiplayer game needs to be playtested. Be aware that for playtests with more than 10 players simultaneously the recruitment phase might take more than 1 week.

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