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Dreaming of a fashion game that lets you dress up, shop your favorite brands’ clothes and connect with people? Here we are! Meet MOD4, the latest luxury fashion game — featured with LuisaViaRoma

Collect unique clothes, express your style, win challenges and shop your favorite looks FOR REAL at luisaviaroma.com​!


A Beta version of this game is about to be released to a major audience but before we need your feedback on the game and its status.

This time we ask you just to play around and provide your feedback, no gameplay or audio will be recorded, just play and answered scaled questions. 

In this case the game can be tested both in Android and iOS.


Download the game and install it from this link:



Use this link to install the game on your iOS device:


Last but not least

You’ll be asked about different areas, so if you can check them before that would be great. The different areas are:
  •  account creation,
  • Tutorials,
  • Challenges,
  • Avatar and outfit creation,
  • Boxes and rewards,
  • Sharing and voting,
  • and any additional suggestions you can make
Once ready just login to Antidote and answer this survey:

Thank you so much for your time 🙂