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Use the Antidote playtesting platform as a cloud tool to conduct all your user research game testing for PC and Mobile.

“Antidote was essential in achieving great player early engagement”
“The UX team designed for us a brilliant initial study with nearly 1.000 players”
“Player retention is key for us and the team at Antidote helped us boost it”

Unlock the Power of First Impressions


A captivating FTUE that instantly connects and bonds with players. Understanding and measuring early player engagement is crucial, as it greatly impacts your game’s success trajectory.

At Antidote, we help you with analyzing your game’s initial stages that set the foundation for an epic player journey.

From Player Insights to Game-Changing Outcomes

Initial impressions can make or break a player’s commitment to your game. By investing into FTUE research you benefit from:

Deep Behavioral Analysis

Understand new players’ reactions and behaviors during their first interaction with your game.

Retention from the Start

Utilize real player feedback that can help to fine-tune your game’s mechanics for a more captivating engagement

Intuitive UI Design

Gather player reactions to your game’s menu, tutorial and design to craft a more engaging navigational system.

Player-Driven Feedback

Receive actionable insights from real gamers that can be presented to your dev team.

Developing Your Game on Any of These Platforms?

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Mapping Your FTUE Journey


Kickoff Meeting

Tell us your project goals and we’ll provide guidance on the most efficient study strategy


Dedicated UX Researcher

You’ll have an experienced UX researcher to guide and help you throughout the project


Playtest Organization

We take care of the necessary tasks, including player recruitment, game distribution and more


Playtest Execution

We conduct the FTUE study with your target audience on PC, Mobile or VR


Customizable Deliverables

Our deliverables include gameplay recordings, survey responses and the option of a full UX report


Transparent Communication

We’ll offer regular project updates and flexible communication methods that suit your preferences

Select Your Ideal FTUE Study

Our flexible approach empowers you to meet your specific research goals. Whether you need playtests on PC or mobile, seek interviews or focus groups, we can tailor the study format to align with your requirements.

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements

Choose Your Preferences: Tailored to Your Project's Requirements


Want to Conduct a Self-Organized Study?

Discover our dedicated, cloud-based Game User Research platform to explore its full range of features and benefits.

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